International shipping is only for mail order.

Please send it to with the following necessary information.
In order to prevent fraud, please present your passport and ID.
Please attach it to an email.

> First name:
> Last name:
> shipping Address:
> email Address:
> Zipcode:
> Product Name:
> color:
> size:


Payment Method: PayPal only (email)

Delivery company: Japan post (EMS)

Shipping Country: United States/Canada/United Kingdom/Korea/China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
* If you are in a country other than the above, please contact us via email.

Shipping: Please see the following URL.
※ The postage may be before and after the weight.


> The address listed in the shipping address and ID must be identical.
> The name of the credit card and the order must be identical.
> returns cannot be exchanged.
> may be taxed by country or region.